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Committee Chairs

Arts & Letters Cherie Brown Jackson, Chair
Conchita Yancey, Co-Chair
Building Development Antoinette White Richardson, Chair buildingdev@wdcac.org
Chapel Service/Brunch Meedie L. Bardonille, Chair chaplain@wdcac.org
Custodian of Properties Conchita Yancey custodian@wdcac.org
Delta Outreach Robbie King, Co-Chair
Sylvia M. Jackson, Co-Chair
Distinguished Men Cookin’ with the Deltas Natasha Osborne,Chair
Jennifer Womack, Co-Chair
E.M.B.O.D.I embodi@wdcac.org
Finance Patricia Childs, Chair treasurer@wdcac.org
Financial Fortitude Jaida Moore, Chair finfortitude@wdcac.org
International Understanding intlunderstanding@wdcac.org
Jabberwock Cotillion Terri Smith Moore, Chair
Deborah Veney-Robinson, Co-Chair
Journey to Wellness Laurie Rowe, Co-Chair
Tia Martin, Co-Chair
Membership Services Nichelle Poe, Chair membership@wdcac.org
Nominating Diane Clayton Koontz, Chair nominating@wdcac.org
Operation Sisterhood Vakisa Johnson Bragg, Chair sisterhood@wdcac.org
Pan-Hellenic Representatives Deidra Barksdale, Lachelle Cooper, Michelle Robertson, and Maisha Challenger panhellenic@wdcac.org
Project A.C.E. Nicole Greene Robinson, Chair projectace@wdcac.org
Public Meeting  publicmtg@wdcac.org
Public Relations Committee Kelli Lofton, Chair publicrelations@wdcac.org
Regional Foster Care and Adoption Initiative Terri Carter and Nicole Dobbins, Co-Chairs regionaldayofservice@wdcac.org
Risk Management Aisha Murray, Chair
Cheryl Boyce, Co-Chair
S.A.S.E. sase@wdcac.org
Scholarship Kimberly Davis, Chair scholarship@wdcac.org
Social Action Ayanna Hawkins,Chair socialaction@wdcac.org
Technology Michelle Leete, Chair technology@wdcac.org