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Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy

Purpose: The Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy was established under the leadership of the 21st National President, Marcia L. Fudge to enhance the future of our African-American girls.  The updated program, “Delta Academy: The Transformation of Me—Knowing Me, Developing Me, Preparing Me”, reflects current issues and trends of middle school-aged young women.  Because many of today’s young women are trapped in environments that do not fully support their personal and academic development the Delta Academy seeks to remedy some of these deficiencies and offers supervised and structured experiences that will help participants grow to be productive citizens with high self-esteem.

Objective: To address the educational and social development needs of middle school girls. To guide girls into womanhood with educational support and professional guidance that will teach them how to create opportunities for academic success, to develop their abilities and talents, and to become change agents in the transformations of their communities.